What is ART and who decides?

The day started off well, there was a plan in place. We were to go to Hyde Park and meet with Emma Chen, a Taiwanese restaurant owner and art collector who moved to South Africa in the 1980s. Emma spoke to our class a few weeks ago about her experiences in South Africa since the 1980s. She explained the manner in which she dealt with … Continue reading What is ART and who decides?

Would the real DAleast please stand up

When Fred de Vries, my mentor for the Chinese-Johannesburg journalism in-depth project, said “there is much more to Chinese art than the clichés, go beyond the clichés”, I got nervous. Was there more to Chinese art than Chinese fans, Chinese dragons, Chinese sculptures? Fred suggested I look into the “notorious” Chinese contemporary and visual artist Ai Weiwei and how the global community views him. “We … Continue reading Would the real DAleast please stand up

My China Obsession

When we were told our journalism in-depth project was on Chinese-Johannesburg, I was like this because I grew up obsessed with Chinese culture – and by culture I mean Chinese cinematography. My group’s topic is “culture and community” and I imagined I was ahead of the crew because I had seen “Once upon a time in China” a million times. The movie portrays the growing … Continue reading My China Obsession