About the blog

This blog was started in 2013 as a journalism in-depth project dedicated to Chinese-Johannesburg. It focused on Chinese culture and community with special attention to art. It explored the integration between Chinese art and its influence on Johannesburg. The blog has since evolved – over a period of seven years – to include my works as a journalist and writer.

About me

I am a storyteller.  I am also a journalist and a communications professional.
I have experience writing on economics, business, entrepreneurship, general news, politics, labour, culture, food, travel and literature.

I am also a developmental economist. I have worked as an economist at Statistics South Africa and the National Treasury.

Education and professional experience

I hold honours degrees in media studies and journalism (Wits) and economics (Rhodes University).

I am currently completing a Master of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies. I studied a Master of Commerce in Financial Markets at Rhodes University. Modules completed include debt and foreign exchange markets; equity and derivative markets; and portfolio theory and management.


I love food and I pretend to love jogging.
I am also a meat-eating, plant-based vegan.
I want to live in Abidjan.

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